Our Work in Photos

Unique homes & some head-scratching scenes from our work in Southern New England

Two Domes for the price of one!

The Geodesic Dome

One of the more unique properties we’ve ever inspected, a true architectural oddity! Learn more here.


The Snowman Boiler

Coal or gas fired, these heating systems have been obsolete since Hawaii was still a territory, but we still see them in operation! This one however, should have been removed when the new heating system was installed.

Inspector Brent taking all COVID precautions, indoors or out!

Power Within Reach

If your home inspector can grab the main electrical line coming into your house, it’s too low!

Watch that first step, it’s a doozy!

Basement Access: Unsatisfactory

When choosing the only way into one’s basement, think long & hard about where to put that access hatch. I dont think these people did.

Who wants a drink?

Freshwater Source

After a hard day working around your house, why not tap into a cool, refreshing glass of sump pit water?

But what happens if I just take out the Intro to Mechanical Engineering?

Load Bearing Literature

Knowledge is always a good thing, except when its the only thing holding up the rear roof of your garage.

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